Dar Es Salaam - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Enough non-perishable items to last the tour. - Jan 2022

We usually ship nonperishable specialty items. Grocery items are more expensive in Dar, especially on the peninsula. - Oct 2021

I was surprised how available & cheap wine & spirits are here - the only things you cant find is bourbon. South African wine is decent and widely available. Craft beer doesn't exist here. Many folks miss cheese, it's so expensive here. - May 2020

As usual, bring ethnic food speciality spices/items as the selection is limited. The exception would be for Chinese food items, which seem to be available due to the large Chinese population. - Jun 2017

Gas grill (it has made dinner so much nicer; need to rig up the gas but it's fine). Kayak if you're going to want to kayak and are able to do it (can't put it in HHE). Our nice cooking appliances, like KitchenAid, food processor, etc. and several step-down transformers (the heavy-duty, expensive kind). An extra UPS (one died and we needed additional, and this is one thing that DPO is difficult about shipping because of the battery). Bicycles (we brought ours and have been happy that we did). Things like trampoline for kids, scooters, etc. that can't be ordered via DPO. Memory foam (always necessary). - Jul 2015

More insect repellant. - Mar 2014

More portable fans. Some of the rooms are large and the one little air conditioning unit isn't enough to even slightly cool down one room. Car oil & filters. Lots more sunscreen and mosquito repellant. - Feb 2013

Canned goods like black beans, salsa, and other stuff for Mexican food. Also lots of tortilla chips, tortillas, etc. Everything else you can get. - Feb 2013

SCUBA gear! - Aug 2011

Bring all your liquids. If you don't have embassy mail, bring clothing and toys, too, as shopping is limited. - Jun 2010

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