Dar Es Salaam - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

My house came with a huge insect problem. I’ve been dealing with the worst ant infestation ever along with some termites, millipedes, spiders and malaria laden mosquitoes. You’ll have geckos and poisonous snakes as well. - Jan 2022

Usual insects. - Oct 2021

Ha - yes, Mosquitos are always around and become a problem during the rainy season (April thru May). Malaria & Dengue Fever are no joke. Finding giant red centipedes or tiny geckos in your house is not unheard of. There's also termites and there's snakes. - May 2020

Hahahahaha. YES! Again, its a malarial swamp in tropical Africa. Bugs are everywhere, all the time. hat said, one can find manageable ways to deal with them. - Jun 2017

lots of ants everywhere in the housing and I had a perpetual roach problem in my house. - Dec 2015

Mosquitoes that carry malaria & dengue fever. Dar is a high risk malaria post. Ants and large cockroaches in houses, of course. Ticks in the yard and also on the furniture that is sold on the side of the street (don't buy it). - Jul 2015

Mosquitoes that carry malaria and dengue! I know snakes are not insects, but Dar also has green and black mamba snakes. Very dangerous! I have only seen one in my neighbor's yard about 1 year ago, but still very scary! - Mar 2014

Malaria is the main one talked about while we were there. Everyone has ants and roaches in their houses. Spiders are there but not a big deal. - Feb 2013

Dar does have a malaria problem, and particularly during the hot season in the evening you should cover up with long sleeves and liberally use DEET mosquito spray. Many people take malaria pills, but we did not. Instead, we chose to remain inside during bad mosquito times and use spray and long sleeves. - Feb 2013

Malaria is a big problem, although it is getting better. Many expats do not take prophylaxis, but they do sleep under a mosquito net or with a strong fan. - Aug 2011

Tons of mosquitoes and other tropical bugs - a yellow fever vaccination is a must (among others) prior to arriving. - Jun 2010

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