Dar Es Salaam - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Malaria, Tanzania basically denies COVID is here, frequent food poisoning, medical care is okay if you can afford the private offices or get care at the embassy. - Jan 2022

Malaria. - Oct 2021

Malaria & Dengue Fever are for real - do your research & take your Malarone. Aga Khan hospital is decent enough, our MedEvac point in Pretoria - May 2020

The city is located on a flood plain in a malarial region...so, yes. Its a CAT-5 malaria post. Dengue fever can be a problem. That said, both issues typically impact the local populace much more so than expats due to the sleeping conditions of most locals. - Jun 2017

Malaria and dengue fever, there is a health unit that provides support and AMI is the hospital we are allowed to use locally. Anything that is super serious they will probably medevac you out of the country to Kenya or South Africa. - Dec 2015

Yes. Malaria and dengue are issues. Water is not safe to drink. There is only one hospital (Aga Khan) available that is anywhere near acceptable, and even then not for many procedures we would consider routine in the U.S. The IST Health Clinic, located next to IST Upper School, very good, but operates on a subscription basis. Whatever medical needs you can cover at home, do so. Decent dental cleaning & procedures are available but just as expensive as in the U.S. Braces are available but also near U.S. prices & perhaps not as good quality. Diagnostic & preventive testing is better done elsewhere. - Jul 2015

Yes, malaria and dengue. We are fortunate to have an embassy doctor. IST clinic is also very good. - Mar 2014

Malaria. The embassy clinic is pretty good and there are a couple of good options on the economy. - Feb 2013

Health care was not good on the local market. We had a great embassy medical staff, but for other problems there was really only one hospital in town. They were good about seeing embassy staff and actually had a CT scan and x-ray services, but for any major medical issue, we were medevac'd out of the country. - Feb 2013

Malaria, other tropical diseases. There are a few decent urgent-care places, but anything major requires medevac to Nairobi or South Africa. There is only one (occasionally working) decompression chamber, and it is in Zanzibar. So be very careful diving. - Aug 2011

Poor medical care - you will be medevac'd for most serious injuries --- to Kenya or SA - Jun 2010

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