Dar Es Salaam - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Medium, morale ranges from love it here to hate it here, maybe 70/30. - Jan 2022

Not that large. Dar Yacht club is the place to join. You will meet people. - Oct 2021

I'd day it's mid-sized but it's shrinking. I understand the current government has not been renewing work permits for expats. Besides the American Embassy group, there's a decent NGO/UN community and a sizable group of British, South African, and Italians that have residency. - May 2020

Large, as TZ is one of the largest foreign aid recipients in the world. Therefore, most of the countries which are large aid donors have missions here and all the aid implementing organizations are also represented here. Morale is seemingly entirely tied to your previous experiences/expectations (as usual). For Africa, Dar is a fairly nice place, with lots to do and much available. However, that "for Africa" caveat is nothing to take lightly. The infrastructure is not up to Western standards. This isn't simply a smaller version of Nairobi and is nothing like South Africa. Morale within the development workers is good. Families with small kids appreciate the affordability of help. However, the daily frustrations of living in Tanzania and dealing with the local system tend to wear on people. - Jun 2017

Great! Dar is a medium sized post. - Dec 2015

TONS of expats in Dar, specifically on the peninsula. Morale within expat community is high. Morale within the Embassy is not as high. - Jul 2015

Large size and morale is good. - Mar 2014

It's a fairly large community. - Feb 2013

Relatively large between the embassies, NGO's and others. - Feb 2013

Very, very large, and very diverse. - Aug 2011

Large with many nationalities, as there are so many aid groups here. - Jun 2010

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