Dar Es Salaam - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

There is Uber which has been safe so far, security does not recommend local buses, bajajis or motorcycle taxis. - Jan 2022

Use Uber or Bolt. Private thire vehicles and bajajis (tuktuks) are plentiful and affordable. - Oct 2021

The Embassy allows us to take Ubers - like Piki - they dont know how to use GPS and they are always lost. The cars are usually gross in my opinion and don't have seat belts and the drivers don't seem to speak English. There's Bajajs (tuk tuk) these will take you anywhere on the peninsula for $2, though using public transportation is not recommended. The best option is Freddie - he's a private driver with a nice van that you can schedule ahead of time. He charges 5000 shillings to go anywhere on the peninsula, but, I usually give him 10,000. He's come in clutch a number of times. - May 2020

Very little in Tanzania is "safe" by Western standards. However, tuk-tuks are cheap and readily available. - Jun 2017

I had a taxi guy named Freddy who was awesome, but its not recommended to hail one off the street as it is not safe. They are affordable, Freddy charged me the equivalent of US$3 a ride. It is not recommended to take the daladalas (buses) - Dec 2015

Safe- no. Affordable- yes. We do use bhajaj's (auto rickshaws) all the time, though RSO recommends you not use them. On the peninsula, they're relatively safe, but you certainly have to be aware. - Jul 2015

I would not recommend taking local trains or buses. Only use a taxi driver that comes recommended by a friend/colleague. - Mar 2014

Ther are no local trains. Don't take buses, and only use properly marked taxis. Pajaj's are plentiful, but use them at your own risk. Taxis are not too expensive, but always agree on a price BEFORE you get in. - Feb 2013

Local taxis are color coded and generally fine, but make sure you pick a marked taxi and negotiate the price BEFORE you get into the car. Drivers will always charge you more than double if they can. My rule was always negotiate for everything and don't let yourself get pushed around. Drivers were good if you pushed back and negotiated. - Feb 2013

Buses are crowded and drivers are crazy. You take your life in your hands every time you get onboard, but not they are not particularly unsafe from a security point of view. Taxis are a lot more expensive and often seem like they are falling apart. Ask around for a good driver and call him exclusively. If he can't make it, he'll send a nearby friend to get you for the same price you normally pay him. You'll save money and feel much more secure. - Aug 2011

Taxis are expensive, and daladalas are cheap but crowded and stinky. There are little 3-wheeled carts that are cost-effective but dangerous. - Jun 2010

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