Dar Es Salaam - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes, it would be difficult. There are barely roads and sidewalks are VERY rare. - Jan 2022

It would be difficult. - Oct 2021

Yes. - May 2020

Yes. People without disabilities have issues making it around this country! - Jun 2017

Yes, there are no sidewalks and most buildings are not ADA friendly. - Dec 2015

Living the expat life that we lead, a person with physical disabilities would have more challenges than a person without physical disabilities, but they could manage. Most of our lives are spent at home (which would be the biggest challenge since most residences are multi-level with stairs), at work (there is an elevator at the Chancery & maybe AID), and at a few restaurants & stores or Yacht Club (most of these places could accommodate if necessary). Roads would be a challenge, though even some of the roads on the peninsula would be safe. - Jul 2015

Very difficult to live here if one has a disability. - Mar 2014

There are no sidewalks, and the roads are in very poor condition. Almost all of the houses are at least two stories. So walking the streets or getting to places upstairs would prove difficult. If you have breathing problems, it may be an issue the farther you live off the peninsula. - Feb 2013

Dar would be difficult for people with disabilities. There are no sidewalks and the roads are generally in poor condition. Elevators in major buildings are often broken as well. - Feb 2013

Roads are rough and sidewalks are non-existent. Many buildings do not have escalators or elevators. But people are very accommodating of those with disabilities and are willing to help out or make special arrangements. - Aug 2011

Yes, as is the case with most third-world countries. - Jun 2010

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