Dar Es Salaam - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Women are treated differently in some cases, unfortunately. - Jan 2022

For expats, no. Otherwise, while TZ doesn't have massive issues around tribal identity like much of Africa, there are brewing social tensions between the large muslim population and the government. There is a problem with killings of albino people. Women are still mostly forced into traditional roles and denied real opportunity. Outside of Dar and Arusha, this country is ridiculously poor, with limited infrastructure, massive corruption issues, a sub-standard educational system. TZ is struggling to feed itself: malnutrition remains a significant impediment to nearly every attempt to advance/change things. - Jun 2017

I never felt so welcomed and everyone calls you sister. - Dec 2015

Not really that I have experienced. - Jul 2015

Some religious violence both in Dar and in Zanzibar. - Mar 2014

I never heard of or saw any issues with race or religion, but I did experience going to the local doctors, and they wouldn't speak directly to me (being a woman), but only to my husband. That being said, they were professional otherwise. - Feb 2013

No. - Feb 2013

Not overtly. Dar is fairly cosmopolitan, with large Arabic, Indian, and African communities living fairly peacefully with each other, and all religions. - Aug 2011

There don't seem to be - Jun 2010

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