Helsinki - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

At work, Finns dress similar to Americans on the East Coast: business suits, professional dresses, business casual on occasion, etc. Outside of work, hiking and athletic attire are very common. - Oct 2021

Finns are slightly more casual than Americans. Among business and government professionals, open-collared shirts and sport-jackets are much more common than suits. Jeans are even acceptable in many workplaces. However, Finns have a formal streak when it comes to dinners and special events, which are often black-tie, whereas in the U.S. they would only be suit-and-tie. - Oct 2018

Business or business casual. The weather is pleasant. So it is never uncomfortable to wear formal or business attire. - Jul 2012

Smart business causal, European causal. - Jan 2011

Business dress at work and casual otherwise. - May 2010

At work, business to business casual. In public, anything goes. - Apr 2009

Business casual. In public, everything goes. Young Finns tend to love goth and punk styles (lots of green, purple and orange hair). As a rule, people dress pretty conservative. No skimpy mini skirs or plunging necklines. - Mar 2008

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