Copenhagen - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

This is a very safe post. There is some bike theft and pick pocketing/purse snatching. - Feb 2022

It's a city so you shouldn't be flashing things around, but I feel safe enough to walk around with an iPhone in public. I wouldn't have done this at previous posts. - Jun 2021

There are some home burglaries, so use your house alarms and make sure to lock your doors. Keep your wallet secure, or someone will help themselves to it. There have been some issues with Americans being sought out and attacked. Use common sense and follow what you are told in the security briefing. - Jul 2016

None. A recent security notice from the Embassy warned of a demonstration held by something like 50 public school teachers protesting some issue - the teachers were on bikes, with children holding balloons, probably handing out free licorice while they went down the street. Ah, life in Denmark. - May 2014

No. Safer than any U.S. city I have ever lived in. - Feb 2014

None. - Aug 2011

Not really, just use common sense. Denmark is exceptionally safe. There was the occasional pick-pocket purse-snatcher, and I heard of nieghbors getting their homes broken into, but overall my family & I felt very safe. - Jul 2011

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