Copenhagen - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Wolt is the most popular food service delivery app but there are some other options too. There are tons of excellent restaurants. They have excellent burger places and hot dog/sausage carts. Restaurants are expensive but usually provide high quality food. There is no lack of choice for anything you want. - Feb 2022

Copenhagen is a very international city in this respect. There is everything from a kebab to Michelin star restaurants, but you are going to pay dearly for everything. McDonalds will cost you almost double what it does in the US for instance. The minimum amount for a going out to a fast food lunch range from $12-$20. Sit down restaurants are significantly more. - Jun 2021

You will never starve in DK. They have everything here! One of the nice things about Copenhagen is walking the streets downtown and finding great cafes, bakeries, and coffees shops. There are lots of great restaurants on the waterfront, including Copenhagen Street Food. If you want high end, there are plenty of Michelin star restaurants like Noma. Another popular places is Geist and Mash. If you enjoy sushi, the popular place is Sticks n Sushi or Letz Sushi. They have great burger places: Cocks and Cows, Hacha, and Halifax. - Jul 2016

Available but expensive. Save your fast food money and try some of the great restaurants in Copenhagen. "New Nordic Cuisine" is based on fresh, locally sourced ingredients and is artfully prepared. - May 2014

Yes, cost is high compare to the U.S., but that is true for everything here. In comparison to sit-down dinners, the fast food prices are cheap. - Feb 2014

Many, but they are all expensive. A typical lunch for two at a restaurant will cost around US$40-$50. You can get a hot dog or burger from a street vendor for about US$6-$7, not including a drink or any sides. - Aug 2011

McD's, Burger King, KFC, Domino's and Subway are all available. It's hard to get out of them without spending at least $20 for two people. There is a Hard Rock Cafe downtown, and a TGIFriday's is over in Malmo, Sweden (about 45 minute train ride from Copenhagen) and is nice for a sudden craving of American food. There are more pizzeria/burger places than you can count, and most will deliver. There are plenty of good restaurants with delicious food, but most are really expensive. Brewpubs are a nice alternative as they are generally moderately priced and provide a quieter atmosphere to eat. I would get recommendations from the CLO and other people at post, as many will have already found the cheaper places with quality food. - Jul 2011

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