Copenhagen - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

There is excellent health care and the air quality is good too. The winters are very cloudy and overcast with minimal sun which may cause some depression for people. - Feb 2022

The "winter blues" are a real thing and happy lamps are not supplied here. Check your vitamin D level and be prepared to take supplements. Overall the medical care ranges from good to mediocre. If you're in an emergency situation I'd much rather be here than some of the other places where I have lived. However, routine care is just not good and there can be difficulty with finding and vetting doctors that can accommodate our needs. I have found that the ones recommended routinely misdiagnose, won't prescribe, and charge $100 for every visit no matter how short. Private children's dentists do not exist here because there is no market. You will not be able to use the public dentists if you are not a part of the Danish health care system. The adult dentists are quasi-private because all of them take Danish state money. They always seem to be thinking about the costs to the state. In my experience, you will need to insist on two cleanings a year and X-rays (even though you tell them your insurance will pay for it). I would get all your routine checkups done in the US before, during, and after you finish a posting here. - Jun 2021

You can find almost any type of doctor for your needs. This is socialized healthcare, so the quality can be less than US standards. They do have private hospitals, and they seem to have better quality of care. - Jul 2016

No, sufficient medical care plus a nurse in the med unit. - May 2014

No concerns. Quality is high. The Danes take a more hands-off approach to things than some Americans are comfortable with. In addition, as it is a single payer, government run system, some Americans find the impersonal feel to things a bit different. - Feb 2014

Medical care can be expedited if you are paying for it, otherwise you can sometimes have a wait for services. - Aug 2011

The hospitals and medical care available are very good. You can get doctors/nurses to come to your home in a pinch, and appointments can often be made same-day. U.S. health insurance is obviously not accepted, so you will have to pay and then file your claims through your insurance. - Jul 2011

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