Copenhagen - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

The expat community is huge in Copenhagen. - Feb 2022

There are a ton of expats everywhere in the city. Most seem to like it, but most seem to know that they are going to live in Copenhagen for 3-7 years and then move on. - Jun 2021

It is a moderate-sized community. Morale is pretty low for such a great location. Between housing assignments and living expenses, it can take a toll on everyone. LES (local employees) seem to run the embassy and make all of the decisions. There have been many incidents of questionable behavior in which the front office has taken action. The building was constructed in the 50's and has many issues which make your work day difficult. Facilities personnel seem to band-aid all problems instead of fixing them. - Jul 2016

Pretty big community although it's sometimes hard to meet other people unless you put a little effort into it. Morale can be surprisingly low for some. People think this is their magical fairy-land post but it is still a forgein country with rules and traditions that are not like the U.S. I've met people that seemed not to have even googled Copenhagen before they bid on it and didn't make the connection between a 65% COLA and the fact that it means that things cost 65% more than in DC, which is not a cheap city. The other unhappy group of people here can't deal with the weather. If you love summer and/or hate winter, you need to think twice or three times before you bid on Denmark or any other Northern European country. The temperature rarely goes above 70F even in the middle of the summer and it is cold and dark during the very long winters. If you can get beyond the cost and the weather, you will probably love it here. - May 2014

Small compared to the major EU cities. Morale is lower than one would think. It is a combination of things really. The weather in the winter leads to a feeling of hibernation in the city. In addition, this place loses the battle with extremely high expectations. People expect it to be a Scandinavian fairy tale, and while it is a great city, modern European life is not as convenient as most Americans desire. - Feb 2014

Large but dispersed. - Aug 2011

Good. Joining a Diplomatic club or being active in the International School community (if you have children in school) will help you meet more people outside of the U.S. expat community. - Jul 2011

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