Ashgabat - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Medical care is basically non existant. You are med-evaced for everything. - Dec 2020

No particular health concerns. It is a dry climate so might consider a humidifier for the bedrooms. Air quality is very clean. Local medical care is not used. Nor is local medication recommended. - Mar 2019

The quality of medical care is an issue. Standards are not high and even locals go to India, Turkey or Russia to take care of health issues if they can afford to do so. This might be the greatest challenge there is in Ashgabat in my opinion. We all try to stay healthy. - Jun 2018

The water is not potable here and food borne illness is rampant. Good infection control practices are not present here. Medical care is very limited and NOT encouraged to use. Expats are evacuated for any advanced care. - Feb 2016

No significant health concerns, although medical care was poor. Turkmenistan can afford to buy the latest equipment for its hospitals, but is not investing in its people, so few have opportunities to go to university in the country. As the Soviet-trained specialists in all fields leave the scene, the dearth of human capital will increasingly become acute. Corruption is a problem in all sectors, as is the country's unwillingness to address HIV- and TB-related issues. Dentists don't always wear gloves, for example. There is a Turkish health clinic with slightly better care than that found in local facilities, but for anything serious, the FSHP will send you to London for care. - Jul 2014

None! If you get hurt and a band aid won’t fix it, prepare to be medical evacuated. - Oct 2012

The embassy has a well-stocked health unit, but beyond that London is your destination. - Mar 2012

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