Dili - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

Housing is generally good, all neighborhoods are close to the Embassy and to local shopping and dining. Most homes are Standard 3-4 three bedroom units. Generally good construction. Two neighborhoods are directly adjacent to the Embassy compound, the other two are fewer than 12 minutes away. Although the homes aren't as modern (kitchen/bathroom design) as big city posts, we are working to improve them. - Aug 2021

Expat-quality housing in Dili is nice, although on the smaller side of what we have experienced living overseas. There are very few true apartment buildings, but single family homes don't necessarily come with a lot of green space. My family lives in a gated community within walking distance of the Australian Embassy and QSI international school and we're only about a 10 minute drive to the US Embassy in the "heaviest" traffic. Many of my colleagues either live close enough to walk to work or ride their bikes. - Sep 2017

Housing is typically either townhouses or single-family houses. Size is usually very good but some houses have strange layouts. With a little time and creativity you should be quite happy. We live right next to the Quality Schools International school which is awesome and have a compound with lots of kids, a nice restaurant, pool, gaming area and such. I have to say it is one of our favorite compounds as kids just get out and play within the safety of the compound. It isn't uncommon to have 20 kids out playing games outside. There are a majority of Australians on the compound who have been the best neighbors we have had of any post. When we moved in, the Australian ladies took my wife out shopping and showed her the hair salons and such. We love this part of living here. Commutes are almost all within about 10-15 minutes and offer the chance to bike or walk as well. - May 2017

I live in an eclectic house about 2 minute walk to the U.S. Embassy, a cafe/restaurant and the beach (although not the nicest one). Most expats live in houses, some on residential compounds, while some are stand alone. Almost all are gated. There are not very many apartments available, although some new buildings are being built. Dili is for the most part, a low-lying city. - Sep 2016

Nice houses, my commute was 5 minutes by bike, hubby took 15 minutes by car. - Nov 2013

All embassy housing that I am aware of is single-family homes. Most are near the embassy and beach with the longest commute approximately 10 min/15 with heavy traffic. - Apr 2013

It depends on your job and how much you are willing to shell out. There are apartment complexes and a new housing compound going up that are really nice. Our home and other embassy houses are wonderful, with a full time guard, gardner, and an amazing view of the ocean. We live next to the embassy, and so commute time is 3 mins of walking on the beach. - Mar 2010

Because of our job, our housing is very nice and secure. I have see some other home not quite as nice and the kitchens are not really kitchens but more like a hot plate with a frig. I would say if you are willing to pay the rent you can find nice houseing. - Feb 2010

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