Dili - Post Report Question and Answers

What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

There is a decent food delivery app. Good pizza, sandwich, and salad delivery options. Ok Japanese food, but meh quality sushi. There are about 10 restaurants that line the beach (about a 5 mile stretch) that have good seafood, Indonesia/Malay influenced dishes, Portuguese influenced food, and US/UK/AUS focused food. - Aug 2021

Our only true fast food restaurant is Burger King, but there are plenty of quality restaurants around to eat at or that will deliver. Good Asian and Indian restaurants, seafood houses, Italian fare and even a really decent Mexican joint are all available. - Sep 2017

There is a decent and growing restaurant selection in Dili. Choices range from good Mexican, Italian, local fare, Burger King, Indian are available. Some of the restaurants do deliver which is nice for Wednesday night pizza nights. The prices can be a bit high. The cost of living allowance for Timor really doesn't match what the actual cost is. - May 2017

There are Chinese, Indian, Turkish, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Australian, Brazilian, and Portuguese restaurants throughout town, as well as Burger King, Gloria Jeans and a lot of small cafes and one taco bar. Finding a Timorese restaurant is a lot more difficult! Several places offer takeaway, with two of the most popular takeout options being Curry Box (Indian) and Osteria (Italian). - Sep 2016

Fair range; cost can be high though due to UN inflationary impact. - Nov 2013

There are no fast food restaurants in East Timor. Local restaurants are plentiful and not too expensive. The most expensive place in town offers main course meals for approx $18-25. Expensive by local standards but not too bad, especially if you are coming from a major US city. Typically, restaurants offer Western, Indian, Indonesian, Balinese, and other Asian-style cuisines. - Apr 2013

No fast food whatsoever (unless you buy something off a cart on the road... thats fast but you will probably regret it). There is a plethora of restaurants with a huge variety of prices. A large amount of them deliver which is great. - Mar 2010

There is no fast food in Dili but we do have lots of restaurants in town. There is Thai, Indian, Italian, Pizza, Western, Vietnamess, Lebanese just to name a few. $4.00 to $20 a dish - Feb 2010

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