Monterrey - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

Housing is in good-size townhomes and standalone homes for families, high-rise apartments for singles. Housing is excellent but quality can vary a bit. The commute to the Consulate without traffic is 10-20 minutes. When the universities are in session, it can be up to 45 minutes. - Feb 2021

Beautiful houses of good size. New apartment building with a lot of amenities and nearby shops just opened up. - Sep 2018

Housing is very good. For the Consulate housing is located in San Pedro and the NCC in Santa Catarine. The average commute is 20 minutes. Cars are needed. - Aug 2015

Housing is spectacular (houses and newer apartments). - Mar 2014

Good housing provided to USG personnel. Spacious, comfortable, in the nicest neighborhood in town with great access to amenities and nightlife. Grocery stores, restaurants, bars, gyms all nearby, as well as parks. - Oct 2012

Consulate housing is mostly apartments or townhouses, though they do have some smaller apartments that are nice for single officers. Not too many people have yards, but some do. All the consulate housing is in San Pedro. The commutes are awful, because after the hurricane there are still many road closings and bridges that are out. The consulate now picks up all the officers in an armored vehicle because of the security situation. - Oct 2010

All consulate housing is in the area of San Pedro, a very wealthy area. The houses vary from very nice to just "ok". Families should look to live in the Provanza's (I spelled it wrong) as there are playgrounds close by. Most people do not have a lawn. Real Estate here is similar in price to NYC so you maximize your space. Commute time from San Pedro to the consulate is between 7-15 minutes. Once the new consulate is built, travel time might increase by a few minutes. - Jul 2010

U.S. Government housing is in San Pedro Garza Garcia, an affluent suburb of Monterrey. As previously written by others, one to two person households should expect a very nice apartment or small townhouse (there are a couple of detached houses in the pool for 1/2s, but these are the exception). For larger families at the standard/entry level, larger townhouses are pretty much the rule. Mid-level and senior housing is typically detached houses. Housing is large, yards are small, and almost no one has a bath tub. - Jan 2008

Most people live in single family homes. We live in one of the few apartment buildings and have a huge place. Most houses are gigantic with multiple bedrooms. Couples without children have trouble finding appropriately sized living quarters. All homes and apartments have maids quarters. - Jan 2008

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