Monterrey - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

There are occasional robberies and carjackings in some neighborhoods, including in San Pedro, but they are rare and typically targeted. There is crime on the roads to Zacatecas and San Luis Potosi as well as to Laredo at the border. The neighboring state of Tamaulipas is very dangerous and off-limits for U.S. government employees. - Feb 2021

Yes. Some travel restrictions. Petty crime is low but drug related crime exists though doesn’t really effect American community - Sep 2018

We must follow security rules regarding driving and curfew hours. Public transport (buses) are not permitted. Casinos and adult entertainment establishments are off limits. Radio dispatch taxis are permitted. We are not allowed to drive to the U.S. Border. - Aug 2015

20% danger pay post, partially unaccompanied post (no children), limited travel to outlying areas for Government personnel, curfew for Government personnel (to be back in the residential areas by 1am). YOU CANNOT DRIVE TO THE BORDER, PERIOD. - Mar 2014

Random violence from the drug cartels is frequent and scary. Even the nicest neighborhoods are affected. Also, kidnapping is on the rise. - Oct 2012

Yes, lots. By the time I left, I basically was afraid to leave the house. Just things like, one day I missed going to the gym because I couldn't find my car keys, and thank god I couldn't, because I found out that there was a shooting at the mall where the gym is at that time. The consulate no longer allows children because of a shootout at ASFM in August 2010.Travel is very restricted - consulate personnel are no longer allowed to be outside of San Pedro at night, and trips to all the local small towns (Santiago, etc.) are forbidden. - Oct 2010

Right now, yes. Things seem to be heating up between the cartel and military. We haven't been able to really venture out much because of the restrictions. There are certain areas of town that are totally off limits for Americans. Car-jackings are also rising in number. From what we've heard, no one has been hurt during a carjacking. All they want is your vehicle. You really have to use good judgement when going out. Always be aware of your surroundings here, you never want to be caught off guard. - Jul 2010

There is no violence directed intentionally at Americans at the present time, but being in the wrong place at the wrong time is never a good thing. This is a big city; like anywhere, there are always petty crimes of opportunity. (If you wouldn't leave your laptop computer sitting on the seat of your car in Chicago, you shouldn't expect to be able to do it here). We feel as safe here as any large city. - Jan 2008

Variable. Very little petty crime (thefts, muggings) in San Pedro where most expats live but assassinations have been on the rise since we've been here. They are targeted towards the drug trade and police. Assassinations are usually VERY public, on busy streets, in popular restaurants, at all points during the day. Almost no one seems to worry about this, expats included. I suppose its something you get used to. - Jan 2008

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