Monterrey - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

It's easy, comfortable, the mountains are stunningly beautiful. Weekend hikes in Chipinque park are exceptionally beautiful. People here are nice and easygoing, and the food is exceptional and varied. - Feb 2021

It’s very American. Pretty much all the comforts of home. Very easy post in which to live. - Sep 2018

Set in a beautiful valley surrounded by mountains. Opportunity for shopping, cultural activity and touring. - Aug 2015

You will have a great experience, save money, have good domestic help, see as much (or as little) of Mexico as you want. There's tons of wonderful places to visit in Mexico. The weather is phenomenal, but can get a little chilly in the winter (40'sF) and can get a little too hot in the summer (100+F). Overall, there is very little rain. - Mar 2014

Great weather, outdoor activities such as hiking, rock-climbing, and canyoneering (when not off-limits due to drug violence), great travel opportunities to the rest of Mexico through affordable budget airlines and lots of direct flights. - Oct 2012

My family is in Oklahoma and my husband's family is in Texas, so it was nice to be able to fly to visit frequently. Also, being in Central time zone enabled me to telecommute for my U.S.-based job. Monterrey is disappointing if you're expecting it to be exotic - it is a business city, and it is very U.S.-oriented. It's more like San Antonio South than like Mexico. But the people are very friendly. - Oct 2010

Trips to the Texas border are lifesavers. There is quite a bit here that you either can't find or is too expensive to purchase. Going to the border every once in awhile is not only a good break from the stress of living in Mexico, but also a cheaper option for purchasing items. Saving money is becoming harder to do. Monterrey is the richest city in all of Latin American right now and it shows. The prices of clothing is almost triple what you would pay in the States. - Jul 2010

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