Monterrey - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Yes, a bit slower than the US. - Feb 2021

Yes. Takes about three weeks. - Sep 2018

Yes but it is limited to certain portions of the city. The service area of Axtel, the only fiber optic option is expanding. Other providers are TelMex and CableVision. - Aug 2015

Yes. Axtel is what I went with, they were about US$80 a month, and it's fiber optic. - Mar 2014

Yes. I pay about USD 50/month. - Oct 2012

Yes, but it's not as fast as it claims to be. The DSL is ridiculously slow - it's best to go with Cablevision instead. - Oct 2010

High-speed is available and costs around $50 a month. We haven't had any issues with the cable going out, except during the hurricane. We have the MagicJack for our US number, and it has worked almost perfectly with our internet service. - Jul 2010

High speed internet is available from Intercable and from TelMex. TelMex DSL service is approx US$35 a month for 1 Mb down, 128k up. That's enough to run VOIP most of the time. Latency time is good and the bandwidth hasn't been oversold. If you want faster DSL, TelMex sells a top-of-the-line package for about US$100 a month that has unlimited local and national calls, voice mail, and all the features. With that package high speed internet is included, and the speed is doubled. We make a lot of local calls, and this was actually a cheaper option for us. - Jan 2008

Its available but not as fast as the U.S. - Jan 2008

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