Monterrey - Post Report Question and Answers

Can you save money?

Yes if you stay away from the stores. - Aug 2015

Yes, easily. I traveled a lot, never cooked at home, and saved a ton. - Mar 2014

US government employees receive danger pay, so yes. - Oct 2012

Yes, if you're not living the high life. There are plenty of expensive restaurants and clubs if you want to go to them, but there are even more options that are fine for a middle-class budget. - Oct 2010

Not really. Groceries are more expensive, and gas is watered down. Electricity is a killer here if your company isn't paying it for you! During the summer, a 2000 sq ft house could cost $800 a month in electricity. We are also "pitching in" for parties quite often at the consulate, which can get pricey. - Jul 2010

Yes, But we've never not put money into savings/investments. It's all about your priorities. Saving money here is pretty easy, but that's probably just us. - Jan 2008

If you don't eat out much or travel much, then yes. We have spent a lot of money on weekend trips around Mexico. - Jan 2008

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