Monterrey - Post Report Question and Answers

Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

Taxis yes. There's no metro system and we are prohibited from taking local buses. - Feb 2021

NO, but uber is safe, cheap and frequently used. - Sep 2018

Taxi -OK. Bus and train not permitted - Aug 2015

Public transportation is off limits for government employees. Radio taxis are acceptable if you or the restaurant call them. They are affordable. The half hour of so ride to the airport will cost about US$30. - Mar 2014

US government personnel are advised not to take public transit and only to take taxis that are called ahead from trusted companies. Taxis are affordable. - Oct 2012

We weren't allowed to use public transport, except for cabs that we called, but cabs were very cheap - from our house to the airport took about 45 minutes and usually cost only about $30.(We were really surprised at the taxi prices in Guadalajara and Veracruz when we visited - it's much pricier there.) - Oct 2010

Buses are not very safe at all, and we've been advised as to which taxi services are better and safer than others. Taxis are super cheap and you can find them everywhere! - Jul 2010

Taxis are cheap. From U.S. Government housing to work, US$3 to US$4 is a typical one-way fare. Given the price of parking, US$2.50 a day or more, and fuel and insurance, it is cheaper to car pool or taxi to work. (Do not count on a parking space at the Consulate unless you have been specifically told that one will be provided you, typically mid-level and up). - Jan 2008

There is a subway system (2 lines) but it does not reach San Pedro. There are tons of buses and taxis are cheap and safe. Airport taxis are kind of expensive, but those cars are much newer and more comfortable than regular taxis. - Jan 2008

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