Monterrey - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Gender inequality, classism and racism are all issues here. - Feb 2021

Some machismo and they don’t treat indigenous people very well. - Sep 2018

No - Aug 2015

Well, it's a Latin country, there is "machismo," there is a bit of a stigma on the darker skinned Mexicans, and sometimes black people can experience some discrimination. - Mar 2014

Minority colleagues report more curiosity than outright discrimination. Women here have more traditional gender roles, although this is not the Middle East by a long shot! - Oct 2012

As a woman I was often treated condescendingly by locals. For instance, when I called the internet provider's customer service, the technician acted like I was an idiot for insisting the connection was down and told me the problem was with my computer. I told him I have two and neither one was working, though they were both working 10 minutes ago, and then he refused to let me speak to a supervisor. I eventually hung up and called back again when I could speak with a female customer service rep. I didn't detect religious prejudices, but I know that the people at post who were darker-complected (Southeast Asian or African-American descent) have experienced many negative comments and poor treatment from all kinds of people (visa applicants, the guys who run the parking facility, waiters at restaurants). - Oct 2010

We have only experienced issues with this at school. The Mexican kids seem to pick on the American kids. Other than that, we haven't heard of any issues. - Jul 2010

As in so much of Latin America, something that departs from the group mean is noticed, and often discussed with a nonsophisticated bluntness. At its root is often an innocent curiosity. If stares and poorly worded questions upset you, this might not be the best place. Society here is highly stratified along economic and ethnic lines. As a foreigner, you can be free from the prejudices that trap your neighbors, and have contact along the whole spectrum local society if you choose. - Jan 2008

As an unmarried foreign woman with no children, yes. You get the distinct feeling that people are looking down at you if you don't fit in with the normal nuclear family. Gender prejudice is much worse than in the US but better than other Latin American countries, so I am told. - Jan 2008

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