Ciudad Juarez - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Most people hire a cleaner to come once or twice a week. The houses are large, and cleaning them can take some time. - Mar 2022

Most people employ somebody to clean their house, especially for singles living in huge houses, at about US $20-30/session. Many families have nannies, and some people have gardeners. Labor is inexpensive and there are lots of available resources. - Jun 2019

Help is available, it’s typical to combine housekeepers and nannies. - Feb 2019

It's easy to get a housekeeper to come over one to two times a week and it generally costs US $20-30. Incredible nannies are available. - Jan 2019

Domestic help is very inexpensive --- around $20 a day. Most people have someone who comes once or twice a week. Dual working parents often have full-time or live-in nannies. Some have drivers. - Jun 2016

US$4-6 per hour. - Apr 2016

Very available and very reasonable. I miss my maid like crazy and know I will never have it that good again. - Apr 2016

We don't have domestic help but I think it's widely available and quite affordable. - Dec 2015

very available and affordable - Aug 2015

I have my housekeeper 1.5 days per week for US$60 per week and a dogwalker 5 hours per week for US$42 per week. - Jun 2014

Harder to find for young children, but affordable. - Aug 2013

If you work at the Consulate, you receive Consulate prices for domestic help. It is absurd. I highly recommend finding domestic help on the local economy where it is much more affordable. Seriously, some of my friends pay the equivalent of Montessori prices for nannies. - Aug 2013

Readily available and affordable. - Jun 2013

Very available. Reasonably affordable. If she's willing to risk her visa, a woman can cross the border and earn double the salary. - Sep 2012

Available. Not as inexpensive as other Latin America countries. - Feb 2012

Cleaning ladies charge $20-30/day and are readily available. The CLO keeps a list of cleared ones. - Jul 2011

Good, about $40 for one day a week maid service. Many nannies and gardeners also available. - Jun 2011

There is plenty. It is about US$20 to have someone clean your house. - Mar 2009

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