Djibouti - Post Report Question and Answers

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This is very good post for families who want to spend time with their kids. You will save money and the work is very interesting and rewarding. If you enjoy water sports, you'll keep yourself busy here. - Apr 2018

We had prepared ourselves for the worst, but we have really loved our first six months. Ask me again after my first full summer here. - Feb 2013

Djiboutian people are friendly and open. Women in Djibouti often play an important role as breadwinners and many run their own businesses. Many Djiboutian males chew Khat every afternoon. Educational opportunities are limited, and unemployment is high, though there is heavy economic investment largely from UAE investors. It was not a terrible place to live, but not wonderful either. Litter, trash, open sewers, giant pot-holes in the few paved streets, crumbling Colonial architecture, crushing heat and endless dust are all realities. But because the people are friendly and accepting, not as patriarchial as in surrounding cultures, and the countryside was accessible and unspoiled, it was not a terrible experience either. - Aug 2008

Wait until after this summer to go. - Apr 2008

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