Djibouti - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

I believe the current embassy houses are already wired and internet can be initiated quickly. It's not very high speed, and it's very expensive, but it does generally work. Any new houses added to the housing pool can take months to get wired. In that case, many people will use WiFi pucks and just run 4G from a SIM card. - May 2022

I wouldn't call it high-speed, but it's available and pricey. - Sep 2020

It's available but costly. - Apr 2018

Hi-speed internet is available at a hefty price. For the largest package - 6MB Unlimited - it costs more than $2,000/year. It took about 2 weeks to set up. I recommend getting extenders so it's available throughout the house. Right now we only get strong connections upstairs, nothing downstairs. - Jun 2016

US$100-150 a month for really bad internet. The rule in Africa is you pay for 4 meg and you get it "when it's available". Catch 22. It's never available. But Skype works most of the time and some people even download and stream movies. I just buy them from Amazon. BFF. - Aug 2015

Yes. Various plans are available. They are on the expensive side, but not terrible. - Feb 2013

High speed! HAH! Internet is very expensive and slow. It is good enough for Skype, but connectivity will be hit or miss. Djibouti Tel has blocked Vonage. - Apr 2010

As mentioned above, when DSL became available, unrestricted band-width was $600 per month. The price has since dropped to something like US$300 per month, plus there are cheaper (and slower) options available. Dial up was coasting people around $50-$100 per month (billed on usage). - Aug 2008

Yes, very expensive. - Apr 2008

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