Djibouti - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Favorite sauces/marinades/dressings. Everything else will generally come via mail or be available locally. This is a consumables post, so you can ship oil/flour/canned goods/etc. in bulk. - May 2022

Nothing. - Sep 2020

You should ship cleaning supplies, but you have DPO so you can get anything shipped to you. I would recommend buying a Weber or similar grill. You'll use it quite often. - Apr 2018

Nothing in particular. Djibouti is a consumables post, though, so take advantage of that. - Jun 2016

Dive gear and sun screen. Big hats. Synthetic oil for oil changes. - Aug 2015

Nothing. - Feb 2013

The following items are not available or are so rare you'll never find them when you need them: chocolate chips, vanilla extract, crisco, pie fillings. Many people order from amazon and netgrocer. - Apr 2010

More toilet paper and laundry soap. The brands of toilet paper available in Djiboutian stores just were not the same.... and the laundry soap was outrageously expensive. Also more American snack foods. Things like Cheezits and Wheat Thins were NOT available in the local grocery stores and the military NEX was so small, they did not usually have these. Other fun snack foods were available. You could get Japanese snack mix, for example, with sesame crackers and wasabi peas. Go figure. And French snack foods. But sometimes, I just wanted Cheezits. - Aug 2008

Jet Ski. - Apr 2008

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