Djibouti - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

There is a gym at the US Embassy and classes/facilities that US Embassy personnel can access on the military base for free. For non-US Embassy personnel, you can purchase a membership to the Kempinski gym/pool, but it's very expensive. - May 2022

The embassy has a small gym and Camp has two. One new gym at Camp is amazing. They even have a full basketball court and spinning and other classes. - Apr 2018

I use the Embassy's gym. We also have a pool on compound, and the Marines just got a basketball court. Camp Lemonnier has a wide array of aerobic and sporting activities (CrossFit, salsa dancing, soccer, flag football, softball, basketball, beach volleyball, table tennis, foosball, swimming, and monthly 5K's) and they are building a massive gym to replace their current one, which is under a huge tent. All these activities are free. I haven't seen any local gyms, but I heard about one located near the Port/Corniche. - Jun 2016

I only know about the one at the Embassy and it's not bad. Not large but not bad. - Aug 2015

Yes. - Feb 2013

The embassy has a small gym. Camp Lemonnier has a very large gym that U.S. Embassy people are allowed to use. - Apr 2010

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