Djibouti - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Insect activity is very house-by-house. We have ants, but very few mosquitos. A house down the street may have tons of mosquitos and no ants. It's a developing country: you will probably share your space with insects at some point (bring ant bait). - May 2022

Nothing unusual. - Sep 2020

Yes, there is a fly season and then a mosquito one. Both are a pain especially when you want to sit outside. - Apr 2018

We had a beehive that grew on our patio door while we were away for R&R. That was wild. But by African standards (or any standards), there are surprisingly few vermin here. I was very pleasantly surprised. Ants and the occasional dead cockroach is all I've seen. - Jun 2016

Ants, but that's all over Africa. Mosquitoes in the winter but we've gotten a handle on keeping them out of houses. - Aug 2015

Some neighborhood battle mosquitoes, but malaria is not a real issue inside the city. - Feb 2013

There are mosquitoes, so bug repellent is a good thing to bring. Also there are fruit flies and an occasional cockroach. If you keep your house clean, you won't have a problem. - Apr 2010

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