Djibouti - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

We do not use credit cards here. There is an ATM at the embassy and non-Embassy personnel often use the ATM at the grocery store. - May 2022

Never used a credit card on the local market - cash only. - Sep 2020

Yes, it's safe to use them. - Apr 2018

Credit cards are NOT widely used here. They are fine at Kempinski, Sheraton, Casino, and BiBi Modi's (a local alcohol vendor). There are ATMs at the Embassy, Casino, Kempinski, Sheraton, and nearby Cafe de la Gare. They are safe to use. USAA's Mastercard debit cards do not work here - you must have Visa. - Jun 2016

There's an ATM at the Embassy that dispenses Francs and you can get US$ at ATM's on the base. - Aug 2015

Available at the main shops, although then you have to deal with the processing fees. - Feb 2013

Camp Lemonnier has recently opened a Navy Federal Credit Union. There are two other ATMs in town. I have heard of many people using them and have not had a problem. I would be cautious about using a credit card here. Shopping is generally cash only, but with fraud being what it is nowadays, I wouldn't take the chance. - Apr 2010

You cannot use credit cards. Two local banks put in ATM machines, but I never tried them -- it didn't seem like a good idea. If you are affiliated with the US Embassy or Miliatry, the NEX took credit cards. I believe the nicest grocery store took credit cards, but only at one register and there was a surcharge for the privilege, so.... - Aug 2008

None available. - Apr 2008

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