Djibouti - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Great for families of young kids: it's safe, small, and there are a large number of other young kids in the embassy community for activities. I gather that many singles/couples get very bored. There are some good travel opportunities, but you need to be able to make your own fun here. - May 2022

I think its easier for married couples with small school age kids. Single do fine if they reach out to the expats. Boredom tends to affect singles more here though. - Apr 2018

It seems to work well for everyone. The Embassy has a mix of singles, families with kids, and couples without children, and we all get along very well. The CLO has worked really hard to identify people's needs and organize events for everyone across the mission. So there have been ladies' nights dinners, wine and cheese events (for adults only), kids' birthday parties, pool days, "Scotch & Stogies" (for the guys), karaoke, tea time, and of course, Christmas and Thanksgiving parties. Camp Lemonnier also features family activities for kids, like soccer and firefighter/safety demonstrations. Many Embassy staff participate in the monthly 5K races/3K walks. Salsa dancing and CrossFit are also very popular. The singles that I know at post seem to have a good mix of friends and hobbies inside and outside of the mission. - Jun 2016

Only the two of us (me and my wife) and we have fun. There's a hopping bar thing downtown but Djiboutians can be pushy. - Aug 2015

Yes. With so many countries stationing troops here, there are social circles for all demographics. - Feb 2013

This is a small, quiet town. The bars and clubs are okay - many are frequented by aggressive prostitutes. The Kempinski Hotel is expensive. Families with school-aged children are disadvantaged by the lack of English-language schools. Singles may be bored, especially if you don't drink or go out to the bars/clubs. Couples may find it enjoyable, but it can be a bit boring. - Apr 2010

Djibouti is a hardship post. It's a small country-city. There is not much to do. Infrastructure is rough. As of this writing, the city offers a bowling alley and go-karts. There are several dance clubs and bars, and now with the fancy new Kempinski hotel, a casino as well. There are bars -- you can get a drink -- but it's a small world and for families, the options are limited. Especially in summer, it can be difficult for children because they cannot really play outside. That said, the beaches outside of the city, though hard to get to, were gorgeous, fairly clean, and usually mostly empty. The snorkeling right off the coast was wonderful year-round, and I'm told the SCUBA diving was great too. Hiring a boat (or connecting yourself to someone who has one) is a great idea -- deep-sea fishing was wonderful, the islands were beautiful. Getting out of the city and visiting the mountains or other features was also ALWAYS a great experience, but this was like camping: you have to be comfortable sleeping in a hut and using a rough toilet/shower. - Aug 2008

This not a family Post. It is good for singles. - Apr 2008

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