Niamey - Post Report Question and Answers

What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

Can't travel in-country at all. - Aug 2022

Seeing giraffes in the wild was a highlight for me, as well as the river trip to see hippos. We also had the opportunity to see some camel races and experience Tuareg hospitality firsthand. - Apr 2020

Seeing the wild giraffes, hippos, buying leather items, buying art, dunes, camels, etc. - Jul 2019

Hippos, giraffes, Cap Banga. Golfing on the sand golf course is an interesting experience. - Oct 2017

Nigeriens are very welcoming to Americans. Despite this year's protest against Christians and the multiple churches and pastors' homes being burned, it was a reaction not related to activity in Niamey. We rode camels and learned the pain of an hour of thigh clenching to stay on, took boat rides to see hippos and returned with all of our limbs, and saw wild roaming giraffes and didn't get stepped on (giraffes think dogs are amazing so take a leashed tame dog along that won't bark or chase the giraffes and watch their LONG necks reach down to stare at your pooch!) - Aug 2015

The people are very kind and friendly. There is not a lot of traffic. There are amazing sights to see (nature, cultural festivals) but with the new security situation, most expats are confined to the city of Niamey. There are some great restaurants in Niamey -- Indian, Italian, and French are some of the most popular. - Jul 2013

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