Ho Chi Minh City - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

There's a bustling LGBT scene here. - Sep 2021

Vietnam is one of the most LGBT-friendly Asian countries. Although they don’t enjoy legal protection or the right to marry, the society in general is open to LGBT, and they suffer from a relatively low level of discrimination. One of our former Ambassadors was openly gay, married, and shared his family life on social media. He was widely popular with Vietnamese people, and I think that helped raise the profile of LGBT rights. - Jul 2019

Indeed. Young modern Vietnamese culture is not judgemental at all about sexual orientation and there is every opportunity to mix with the local LGBT community - Mar 2016

See above. I suspect it can be difficult although I do think attitudes are shifting in younger generations. Or perhaps maybe I just hope? - May 2014

It's not very open, but it does exist here. - Jul 2011

I have gay friends who live here, and I believe there is a good scene for them but not widely accepted. It is seen by the government as a social ill. There are no gays in Vietnam! - Sep 2010

Super great for gay men, from what I have been told. Not sure about lesbian expats. It is best to come with your partner, I think. - Nov 2009

I think so, yes, there is a lively gay community but it is still perceived as unconventional in Vietnamese society. You would not know this by the bars at night, though! - Dec 2008

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