Ho Chi Minh City - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

I should have shipped more hair products (I'm quite particular about mine, though). I also filled my consumables up with a bunch of mexican food ingredients, other sauces/dressings/condiments. The mayo and ketchup are simply NOT the same. And cinnamon is surprisingly difficult to find at a non-imported cost. Aside from the specialty cuisine and baking ingredients (choco chips/vanilla/canned pumpkin/spices), I've been able to order or find anything else needed. - Sep 2021

Not available or very expensive: peanut butter that doesn’t have added oil or sugar. Brown sugar, maple syrup, and chocolate chips. Tex-Mex food including salsa, beans, tortillas. - Jul 2019

More underwear - there is no hope of replacing anything here that is larger than size small. - Mar 2016

With a consumables shipment half way through our tour and DPO I have been able to get what I need. I would probably have not shipped our televisions though. I shipped a ton of toilet paper, which was completely unnecessary since we are in a serviced apartment and they provide this for us. - Aug 2015

Kids toys and books, party supplies, laundry soap, baby food. - May 2014

Comfort foods and possibly more baking supplies. The fun stuff for the holidays. All in all, it's easier these days with amazon or whatever store. If you have a favorite, get it here, and good wine can be pricey, but not unobtainable. The wine store is also a good place to meet other ex-pats away from work. - Jul 2011

Any products for your pets, we brought Clumping cat litter and are so happy we did, malt paste and good quality cat food. Electronics are expensive. we bought big 5 Lb bags of walnuts, almonds etc at Costco and keep in the freezer. Nuts and cheese cost a lot. Medicines are untrustworthy sold from open air pharmacies and can be fake. So bring any cold remedies, antacids, Aspirins, NSAID's etc you need. Main brand names are not found here, so even if the Dr, prescribes it, you can't always buy it here such certain cholesterol drugs. - Sep 2010

Organic foods (the pesticides in the foods here make people sick), more books, underwear, bicycle helmets, high-quality sports equipment (for those shrinking playing fields). - Nov 2009

I would bring my own furniture and have the serviced apartment take out their standard issue furniture. - Dec 2008

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