Ho Chi Minh City - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

I believe most, if not all, housing has gyms as part of their amenities. If that isn't adequate enough, there are many, many, many types of gyms/fitness studios to join around town. - Sep 2021

My building has a small gym, adequate for my needs (staving off decrepitude is my goal). Some people joined local gyms. I never heard them complain about it, but neither did they rave. - Jul 2019

Loads of gyms with good equipment. It's a long way from the mid-1990s. - Mar 2016

Most residences have a gym that is “good enough.” There are other gyms around - like California fitness for a higher price. There are a ton of exercise and yoga classes and personal trainers here as well. - Aug 2015

Many apartment buildings and compounds have free on-site gyms. There are other gyms, like in the States, all over. I don't know the costs. - May 2014

most buildings have pools and work out facilities. Decent enough for free. There are some pay clubs as well, that some people insist on throwing their money to. Walking around and sweating is a great activity. Which you can do for free. Most Vietnamese people seem to think that westerners can't walk, they will always be offering you a ride. Again, the idea that strolling or walking could be for fun is an odd concept here. - Jul 2011

The gyms in the big hotel chains can be expensive, they have nice gyms in a lot of the Condo's and in the housing compounds in Anh Phu. We joined a local Vietnamese gym around the corner for $120 a year! Down side are the noisy speakers and blaring music, we wear ear phones and bring our own music. - Sep 2010

Very good gyms are available. Not cheap but clean and well-equipped. - Nov 2009

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