Ho Chi Minh City - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Always hot. Always humid. May-Oct will rain every single day - often multiple times a day. - Sep 2021

Vietnam does not have a winter. Think Washington, DC, in August. That’s what it’s like in Ho Chi Minh City year-round. The rainy season is annoying, because the sudden fierce downpours cause flooding in the streets, and traffic slows down considerably. On the upside, the rain washes away the air pollution. Hanoi has a “winter” where the temperature drops to a frosty 60° F. The colder temperatures there are accompanied by a rise in air pollution. - Jul 2019

Hot and dry or wet and dry. Hot, hot, hot. - Mar 2016

We have about 3 months a year of very pleasant weather, followed by 3 months of hot and dry weather, followed by 6 months of hot and rainy weather ---a few hours a day. On the positive side, the sun is out almost every single day. - Aug 2015

Hot and rainy. Hot and slightly less rainy, but still humid. Hot and rainy again. Think Florida in the summer. The good news is that rainy season does not usually entail all day rain. It does tend to come and go more than it did in West Africa. - May 2014

2 seasons, dry hot and humid and rainy hot and humid. The dry hot and humid has less rain. Always hot and always a chance of rain. - Jul 2011

Vietnam has a very long coast line, about 3,000 miles long. Climate is tropical Monsoon. Weather patterns in the north vary from the south. Northern winters can be cold, summers hotter than HCMC. The South west Monsoon May to Sept. Northeast Monsoon Oct.to April. In HCMC Dry season is Dec to April. The weather is perfect in Dec and Jan. Daily Torrential downpours, humid in rainy season. - Sep 2010

Rainy and hot or dry and hot. - Nov 2009

Hot-wet and hot-dry. - Dec 2008

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