Ho Chi Minh City - Post Report Question and Answers

Quality pet care available (vets & kennels)?

There is a very good Vet in Taho Dien, Anh Phu, called Dr. Nghia, trained in the UK, teaches at the University. Excellent pet care and facilities for dogs and cats etc. Unfortunately they eat dogs in Vietnam, Dr. Nghia rescues the puppies from Kitchens and has them adopted. Beware there is "dog napping "here. Animals don't enjoy a lot of special treatment here. - Sep 2010

There is one well-known vet everyone that goes to, but the care is really pretty mediocre and getting worse. There is one new local vet who will come to your house and is a proper vet. Kennel care is a problem. The well-known vet just sticks your dog in a cage for the duration, and that is it. Feline care is hard to find, as cats are seen as bringing bad luck, so not much care and information is available. - Nov 2009

There are several vets but their skill in feline care is limited. Note that it can be difficult to import/ export your pet not due to any restrictions by law but limited hours of customs. Check with GSO and use a pet shipping company. - Dec 2008

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