Ho Chi Minh City - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Dengue is a real concern, and maybe pollution during the dry season (rainy season cleanses the air every day). If you're sensitive to mold or mildew, you'd have to be vigilant about keeping your dehumidifiers emptied, and bringing everything inside for climate control. Medical care is adequate for most things. Serious issues (broken bones, childbirth, etc.) are given the option to medevac. - Sep 2021

Dengue fever, Zika, hepatitis, you name the tropical disease, and it’s here in Vietnam. Food hygiene is a problem in Vietnam. I got food poisoning more times in two years than I have in my 50 years prior to coming here. Same for other GI distress. Medical care is far lower than international standards. Typical problems of poor countries: too many people, not enough doctors, not enough hospital facilities. There is a Vietnamese word for two people sharing a hospital bed, it’s that common. Basic care in the Consulate is good. The full-time nurse is competent, and dispenses OTC drugs. The Consulate does not have a doctor on staff, but contracts with an American doctor. Medivac to Singapore or Bangkok is common. - Jul 2019

Dengue and gastrointestinal infections are the biggest worries, but there is lots of endemic disease since many people fall through the vaccine programmes. It's best to update your vaccines really well before you come here. - Mar 2016

Medical care is not great. The nurse at the U.S. Consulate is amazing! For anything serious (and for labor and delivery) you are sent to the states or to Singapore. However, we do know non-USG expats who have delivered here. - Aug 2015

Poor air quality. Medical care is very spotty. If you have anything serious, you should head to Bangkok or Singapore! - May 2014

Not very good. Emergency care seems to be a possible concern. There are a few western style clinics. - Jul 2011

Any thing serious would be a Medevac to Singapore or Bangkok. There is the Family Medical clinic and a few others in the center of town and FV hospital just outside town. - Sep 2010

Dengue is a danger all the time. Medical care is ok, SOS is very reliable. There are hospitals here which are somewhat clean, like the FV, but it is just better to get yourself evacuated for any surgery or serious illness. Local nurses are underpaid, overworked and not nice at all. - Nov 2009

Pollution, food poisoning, bacterial infections from who knows what. Medical care so-so. Better than some places, not anywhere close to Bangkok or Singapore. If you have a serious injury or health issue arise, Vietnam is not where you want to be. - Dec 2008

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