Ho Chi Minh City - Post Report Question and Answers

Morale among expats:

OK. Everywhere is what you make of it. There is a huge segment of ex-pats that seem to kind of be in that, I got offered a job in Vietnam and thought what the heck? Most make it work. - Jul 2011

Mixed, it is not easy living here. You have to try to be positive, if you can mix only with ex-pats and live in your own little enclave you can be fine, if you must work and mix with the locals it can be exhausting and frustrating. The thing is to try to find a balance, surround yourself with friends of all kinds and keep your morale up. - Sep 2010

Depends on how long you have been here. People who have been here longer than 2 years start to be affected by the constant irritations of the local culture, and by 5 years things become a little disfunctional. - Nov 2009

I thought it was excellent, especially among stay-at-home moms with younger children...Morale at the consulate is very good, even though it is a very busy and understaffed post with lots of high level visitors. - Dec 2008

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