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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Availability is high, and cost is low (~$3-5/hr for full time help). Nannies and housekeepers are most common, with gardeners, drivers, and cooks also frequently hired. - Sep 2021

I didn’t hire anyone, but most people did. Part-time cooks and nannies are the most common. Cheap and good. One friend had a problem with a cook and had to fire her. Another friend had a wonderful experience with her nanny. For many Vietnamese people from the countryside, domestic work is a way out of poverty. - Jul 2019

Lots of maids from Manila are here - and locals as well. There is a Facebook page for finding a maid - it's a huge improvement from the past. - Mar 2016

Domestic help is very affordable. Most consulate families tend to pay higher wages than other expats. I would say the average is about $400-$500 a month for full time. You can hire Vietnamese or Philippine nannies here. - Aug 2015

This will vary by hours and such. We have a Vietnamese nanny/cook/cleaner all-in-one. We pay on the "high" end at US$400/month but she works long hours for us M-F. Some people hire Filipino nannies who speak better English but they usually cost more as you pay for visa renewals and a plane flight home. - May 2014

It is cheap and plentiful, but screen carefully. I have had no problems though. Inquire locally about current rates. - Jul 2011

Very good, easy to find, need references though, the Anh phu neighbours website is a good source, always check out person you want to hire with their previous employers. There are full time, part time house helps and nannies too. My housekeeper comes 2 mornings a week for 4 hours, I pay her $90 a month. She does all my marketing and cleaning of the veg, fruit, meat etc, and ironing and any errands we need run. She could cook but I prefer to that myself. - Sep 2010

Lots available, but you have to check references carefully. Local maids are often the way thieves can access houses. Local maids are about $200 a month. Filipina maids are around $300-$400, but they are much more reliable. - Nov 2009

Widely available, quality mixed. Go with a recommendation from the expat community. A decent cook was 85 USD per month for three visits each week. The serviced apartment staff "cleans" your apartment every day. Quality of cleaning fairly low and cleaning staff fairly nosy. Our cook was fantastic, though. I've heard good things about nannies, too. I think it's fair to say that most Vietnamese people LOVE children. - Dec 2008

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