Ho Chi Minh City - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Good for all people - plenty to do for singles, lots to explore for couples, and very affordable for families! Come one, come all! - Sep 2021

Single men will enjoy Vietnam, but should be aware that many women are interested in emigrating at any cost. There is a lot to do for couples, like dinner clubs, travel, and cultural activities. Vietnam seems to be a family-friendly place. - Jul 2019

As long as you don't mind the lack of open green areas - this city is great for all expats. There is so much to do for all ages and interests. - Mar 2016

This is a great post for all of the above. There are tons of restaurants, clubs, shows, and movie theatres for adults. There are also many family-friendly restaurants and both inside and outside play areas for kids. - Aug 2015

I think it's great for all of the above. You can find whatever kind of community you are looking for, really. There are lots of activities for kids and there is certainly nightlife for the single set. The only thing is, as a single expat, it might be hard to find a "genuine" romantic relationship. I suspect single expat women have a harder time than single expat men, just as I suspect being gay here is harder. The society here is still very "traditional" with regard to gender roles and homosexuality - these issues are not always talked about or accepted openly. - May 2014

Families - it seems like with the long commute, and after-hour work requirements, it can be difficult to make it home for quality time. Singles - easy for guys to date, hard to gauge intentions. More difficult for woman, again, hard to gauge intentions. Dating doesn't exist as westerners understand it here, but many date other ex-pats. Couples - Good if the spouse not working here can find something to occupy their time. Some work, some don't. - Jul 2011

It's a great city for singles, I have heard, you need friends though, so as long as singles can hook up with pals, there is a lot to explore and do here, night life, restaurants, markets, travel, it helps if you speak Vietnamese). Regarding Families, the city center itself is not kid friendly, motor bikes all over the place going anywhere they please, the wrong way down one way streets all over the pavements, diagonally you name it, I am always being winged when I walk, they skim past you. Pavements are a nightmare, big holes, rubble from numerous building sites, walls used as public urinals, Electric cables overhead festoon the streets and catch you round the neck if you are not alert. As is usual in Asian countries the Vietnamese love to touch your children, especially if fair haired. Families are better off driving or going in taxis. But can have a good life here in the ex-pat community and doing road trips with a driver. Couples, yes absolutely, very nice here, lots to do as couples, gyms, parks, restaurants, Tutors in the ex-pat community who teach anything from Spanish, french and Italian to Tai chi and yoga - Sep 2010

It is great for families with small kids. Couples had better be solid, as the competition and temptation of the local ladies can be extreme. Singles find the local clubbing scene adequate for a while. Families with teenagers find this place tough. There is nothing to do, and they are able to access the clubs and bars from a very young age. - Nov 2009

Good for all. Easier for single men to find dates. Families with younger children love it. Older children (teens) difficult. - Dec 2008

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