Ankara - Post Report Question and Answers

Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

Yes! Lots of preschool options and they are great. Both English and Turkish choices, plus a few other languages. Most are full day (and it's a long full day acting like daycare, but you can pick up your child early). We loved Mutlu Adimlar near Park Oran. Walking distance, in Turkish, very friendly. Director spoke English and my son's teacher knew a little. Very play based. Most people send their kids to preschool daily starting about age 2 or 3. A year ago, full day was 1800 tl (which was about $300) at our school, which was one of the cheaper ones. Exchange rate has changed a lot and not sure of current prices. For school aged children, most people have a nanny if they need before/after care. - Nov 2021

Private preschools and day cares are half the price of American equivalents and provide quality all-day care. Many provide lunch and breakfast. We have been very pleased by the quality of our preschool, particularly compared to the price. - Sep 2020

Many families put their little ones in Turkish day care facilities. There were several near Park Oran. Reviews seemed generally positive in terms of pricing and services. - Oct 2018

Tons of preschools available, such as KIPS, BLIS, OASIS, etc. - Sep 2018

There are no preschools or daycare within walking distance of Park Oran where many personnel are housed. I don't have a need for these services but that would be a huge issue if we did. We hired a babysitter for after school care and the price is $10 an hour. - Jul 2018

Yes, there are pre-schools and day care that are good value. - Oct 2017

Many preschools available and they range in price from US$300 - $800/month. - Sep 2016

N/A for our family, but I have heard that there are many options available from BESA to local Turkish schools, international English language pre-schools, etc. - Aug 2015

I know they exist, and expats use them, but I have not experienced them myself. - Apr 2015

Yes, they are available, but we don't have any direct experience with them. - Feb 2015

Yes. - Apr 2014

Many Turkish pre-schools and English speaking ones. - Mar 2014

Yes. - Mar 2014

There are English language preschools available including Montesorri, however most parents report dissatisfaction with the Montesorri school here in Ankara. - Jul 2013

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