Khartoum - Post Report Question and Answers

What kind of car do you recommend bringing to post, given the terrain, availability of parts, burglary/carjacking risks, etc.? What kind of car do you advise not to bring?

Personal vehicles were not allowed in Khartoum. However, it seems rules were changing to allow current-year vehicles to be brought in. It is highly unlikely anyone would do this, given the road conditions and prevalence of dirt in Khartoum. - Feb 2018

Embassy personnel may not import cars, nor acquire them while here. They are required to travel in armored cars run by the embassy's motor pool. Shifts are always short staffed and the demand is always high. Shockingly, it's been said that motor pools at other African posts are worse, but at least you can drive yourself there. Not so in Sudan. You must be driven in a motor pool vehicle. The drivers are great and the dispatchers do their best to accommodate, but you can rule out spontaneous trips. Unemployed EFMs are mostly trapped in their housing compound, ranking behind all mission personnel in priority. The inability to freely travel can have an isolating effect and is often cited as the biggest frustration at post. The motor pool requirement is justified by the supposedly dangerous environment in Khartoum, a debatable assertion. - May 2017

Hotwheels. That's really the only kind of car you're allowed to bring. - Nov 2016

Right now you can't bring one. In the future you might, but right now you have to take armored cars everywhere. If you get the option you won't want to anyways. The Sudanese have a rule about bringing only this year's model with you, and with the complete absence of repair shops and the fact that they'll probably sit on your shipment for months (they do that all the time) you won't get your car cleared in time. And if you're coming at the end of a year they may sit on it long enough for the calendar year to turn and refuse to allow your car in. It's that kind of government here, so avoid that risk and just take motor pool. It's not like there is anywhere to go. - Mar 2016

No privately owned vehicles allowed. Transporation is through the motor pool. - Mar 2015

No POVs are allowed. - Apr 2014

no POVs - Jun 2011

You can't bring your car because of our ridiculous security policies. But if that ever changes you could bring a car. An SUV would be best. - Apr 2010

We had a Toyota Land Cruiser, but there were many who drove Toyota Corollas. Roads were mostly unpaved and only for desert excursions, I highly recommend a 4X4. The most common brand of car is Toyota. Easy to find parts and get serviced. Carjackings weren't an issue. - May 2009

A large 4WD is helpful even in the city: many roads not in good condition and large areas become flooded during the rainy season; also, size possibly offers some protection against the enormous number of accidents on the roads. No carjackings. - Sep 2008

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