Khartoum - Post Report Question and Answers

How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

Khartoum is a pouch-only post. Therefore, incoming package sizes and weights are limited, and liquids cannot exceed 16 ounces per package shipped. Outgoing is restricted to the size of a VHS cassette case. Bring a supply of stamps if you would like to mail cards and letters on a regular basis. - Feb 2018

I've never used the local postal service. Embassy personnel typically have items mailed to them via diplomatic pouch, but mailing things home is a lot more complicated. Put simply, unless you're returning an item that was shipped to you, sending things home, like a card, is very difficult. - May 2017

Diplomatic pouch only. Usually takes about 3 weeks. - Nov 2016

Through diplomatic mail. - Oct 2016

It's through the Diplomatic Pouch mail. It takes three weeks or so for mail to go each way, and you can't ship anything out of here. - Mar 2016

American employees get to receive almost anything they need through the pouch. Outgoing mail is severely restricted in size, but exceptions are made when an item (even a large one) needs to be returned for repair or replacement. - Jun 2015

There is only the diplomatic pouch. There is no DPO, so mail takes about three weeks to get here (with countless restrictions--research diplomatic pouch restrictions for details), and you can only send out flat mail and tiny boxes that also take about three weeks to arrive in the U.S. - Mar 2015

Pouch. - Apr 2014

diplomatic pouch - Jun 2011

Diplomatic pouch. - Apr 2010

Diplomatic pouch. - May 2009

Regular post ... but not everything arrives. - Sep 2008

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