Maseru - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

Nice house with good size yard and adequate storage space. - Aug 2020

Construction here is poor, even in the best expatriate houses. Landlords are not very responsive and windows are single-pane. Power can cut in and out and so can the water supply. A typical commute is 10 minutes or less from most expatriate neighborhoods to downtown. - May 2016

We lived within a 5-minute drive of the Embassy, which was pretty typical, and we liked our house in theory, but not in practice. It was a very nicely laid out single-story 3 BD, 2 BA house with a tiny yard and shared pool with 5 other houses in a compound. I doubt it is still in the Embassy housing pool as the electricity was a huge problem, and we almost experienced an electrical fire. We had to move out of the house prior to departing the post. But just about all the other houses were fine, and as I mentioned earlier, many of them actually have heat and A/C, but they are poorly constructed and not insulated. Roofs have also been known to leak, because when it does actually rain, it rains quite hard. Many expat homes are large with large fenced/walled in yards. - Aug 2015

Housing for expats is generally single family homes on small compounds. Yard size varies. Bedrooms are often smaller than in U.S. Houses are not insulated and don't have central heating, so they are quite cold in the winter. (During the daytime, it can even be colder inside than outside.) - Jun 2010

We have a great house which is a 5-minute drive from work and the South African border. - Mar 2009

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