Maseru - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

If you are single and get active in some of the different clubs/gyms then it would probably be ok, might be a little lonely at times. It was good for me with two small kids. Safe with affordable child care and things to do on the weekends. - Aug 2020

It is a city where you have to make your own fun, but I think there is a nice expatriate and NGO community. People are welcoming. I think the singles have their group and the couples/families have their own groups, often meeting up somewhere in the middle. It might be hard here as a single person, though, as there are not places to meet people outside of work and the Hash. - May 2016

It was great for us - a couple who had a baby about half-way through our tour. We didn't need a lot of nightlife or exciting options. We enjoyed our small group of friends, the hash, and made our own fun traveling around. I knew a couple of single folks who bonded together and found things to do, but there were also singles who came through and complained about being bored or outcast from the 'family set.' I blame their own inability to adapt and make friends. So I would discourage singles who struggle to socialize with a diverse mix of people or who can't make their own fun. - Aug 2015

Maseru is a good family post, but may be tough for singles - limited social opportunities, although there are a number of young singles with various NGOs that seem to make a decent social life for themselves. - Jun 2010

This is a great place for families. There are many families here. Singles would probably get bored as there are no clubs, bars or entertainment here unless you make it yourself. - Mar 2009

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