Nouakchott - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

People seem happy with the American school, at least for elementary and middle schoolers. It is very small and options especially for high schoolers are very limited. There is a French lycee, and lots of other French creches and maternelles, and several families are starting to use those schools more and more. - Aug 2021

The International Schools are good, there is a French one and an American one. Quality of education is good and people seem satisfied with the services. - Sep 2020

There is American International School of Nouakchott, which is very small but accredited in the U.S.. There is also TLC school, which is an American-run school. - Apr 2019

Most kids go to the American International School of Nouakchott, and I have been happy there. It is co-located with the Embassy and it's convenient to have the kids close by. Be forewarned this school is SMALL, there are less than 100 kids K-12. But the library is better than I thought it would be for the size. Both my kids are challenged academically and are happy with their teachers. - May 2016

There is a French school and an American school. Both are adequate. - Apr 2014

The American International School of Nouakchott (AISN) is on the US embassy compound so it benefits from their security. It's Pre-K (3/4 year-olds) through grade 12 with about 60 kids. The combined grades are a plus for students who attend. Academically, the junior high is sufficient, but socially it is difficult due to the small class size. The high school is very new and graduated its first student in June 2011. Students who want to participate in athletics or other school-sponsored extra activities will not find them due to the small size. For strictly social reasons (and not academic) I would not bring kids over 5th grade here. AISN is accredited through 12th grade.

The other English language school is The Learning Center (TLC). TLC started in 2005 as an inexpensive alternative to AISN. They moved into a new building for the 2011-2012 school year and have Pre-K (2 year olds and up) through eighth in traditional classrooms, and high school through correspondence. This is the first year TLC will have 6th grade and higher. TLC also has small class sizes and has a good reputation. TLC is working toward accreditation since it is a new school.

The French school is attached to the French embassy compound and the best French language school in the country. I have heard very few complaints. Some people argue it's tougher than those in France, others argue it's easier. Who knows? - Aug 2011

The school here is small, but we like it. My children are younger, but the high school and middle school aren't that good. - Dec 2009

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