Nouakchott - Post Report Question and Answers

What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

The US Embassy has a small but new and clean gym. There is one new gym owned by American expats with classes and personal trainers. There are pickup basketball games at the Embassy, and supposedly a pickup soccer game mostly among French and Spanish expats, but unsure if it's going on during Covid. Some women walk inside Olympic Stadium in the morning, which is safe and popular among expats, and there is a small running path at the U.S. Embassy and old embassy compound. Otherwise, running options (especially for women) are very limited. - Aug 2021

NKC elite fitness owned by Americans 2,500 MRU. - Aug 2021

There is a well-supplied gym at work. There are other gyms on the economy that are said to be affordable but with the COVID 19 pandemic, many have had interrupted service. - Sep 2020

The Embassy has a small but nice gym. There are local gyms, but type equipment and the state of repair may not be what you are used to. The main stadium, Olympic Stadium, is still currently closed (over two years). It was the hub for people who just wanted to walk/jog, kick around a soccer ball. Now, people are simply walking around the exterior perimeter (we hope it will open back up again). - Apr 2019

The embassy has a very small gym. People who like to run do laps around the perimeter of the Embassy. - May 2016

Tiny gym on the U.S. Embassy compound. Don't know of any in town. - Dec 2015

I believe a "gym" has opened in Nouakchott. Prices are likely high and not commiserate with the equipment and facilities. Hygiene is an issue in most places in Nouakchott - restaurants, shops, etc... I would imagine it would be the same at a gym but cannot speak from experience. - Apr 2014

The embassy has one small gym. There are a few gyms, one at the stadium and one called Power Gym. I don't know much more about the last two other than that they exist. - Aug 2011

A gym is available at the embassy. There is a huge stadium that some folks use to run/walk on. I don't use it. - Dec 2009

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