Nouakchott - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Post has attracted a lot of families with young kids in the last year, and for good reason. Play dates, weekends at the beach and Embassy pool, and occasional camping trip makes for a great experience for families with babies through early elementary school. Options for middle and high school age kids become more restricted. Couples or single people who enjoy hosting dinner parties, going to the beach, camping, other low key activities may also be happy here. There is very little in the way of activities such as yoga classes, clubs/sports, no malls or theaters, no bars or alcohol, few restaurants, which some can find extremely challenging. - Aug 2021

There aren't movie theaters or shopping malls or amusement parks so life is limited to what you can do here. - Aug 2021

It is a decent city for single people but one must get on the circuit to mingle between different communities. It is the same for couples and families, but networking is very important. - Sep 2020

If the single person is willing to network and make new friends, you will have a great time. Having a car is highly recommended! For families, it is nice provided you are flexible with kids activities, since many may not be available here. - Apr 2019

Know upfront that there are NO clubs, malls, or movie theaters here, little to nothing in the way of cultural pursuits. You have to make your own fun. If you know that going into it, you won't be surprised. There is a "conservatory" (term used quite loosely) where music lessons are provided for kids. My son took drum lessons in a garage from the drummer of a very popular music group. There's also horseback riding for kids. - May 2016

There is a lot to do once you find the expat community. Unfortunately, it is the same people at different parties. Driving outside of the city requires planning - there are things to see, Atar is nice, there is a beautiful oasis there- well worth the trip. Have one of the locals help you make contact, you can eat and picnic there. - Dec 2015

Families will be in a better position to make it through an assignment here. Singles may want to shop around for another post. - Apr 2014

This is a good city for families who like to spend time together on the weekends and holidays. Couples would be able to spend a lot of time together and would probably splurge every few months to fly out to Morocco or Tunis. If the flight from Senegal is actually available, this is a good option but since my arrival, the flight has not been operating at least half the time. Singles find it difficult. There are limited social outlets for those who do not speak French. - Aug 2011

I think its more family oriented then singles. - Dec 2009

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